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Would you like a friendly call from one of our lovely volunteers?

Our Connect Me service is a project run by our volunteers who are here for you in whatever way you need. Maybe you would love someone to talk to, to share stories and worries with? Maybe want someone to have your back? Maybe you need some help to get you out into the community and start to make the most of your life?


Our trained volunteers are here to help.

Fill out the form below to be connected to one of our Connect Me volunteers for a friendly phone call at a time that suits you.You can then arrange with your volunteer how often you would like to receive calls for companionship and support. Many people have a call once per week.


"The first phone call was so nerve wracking.


It felt strange.


Now I look forward to my volunteer calling me every week"

Connect Me Logo Final.png

Socially distanced doesn't have to mean socially isolated.

If you would like to receive the support from our Connect Me service, just fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.


(Please note - ours calls are made from private / withheld numbers)

If you're unsure or hesitant, we understand. Our team is on hand to answer any questions - big or small - you may have about Connect Me and how it could help you. 

To find out how we handle your data please view our privacy policy for more information. 

Connect Me is funded by 

Connect Me Logo Final.jpg
Referral Form
How did you hear about us?

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please be aware we will be calling on withheld phone numbers, if you have filled in the form on behalf of another person please let them know!

Connect Me referrals are currently closed.


Please check back again soon as we will endeavour to open referrals again as soon as we can!


In the meantime if you have any queries please do contact us directly by email or phone.

028 91 888448

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