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Huddle Up Project

This is the Huddle Up Project. We'll share schedules for video content coming directly from our amazing therapists. This is our space to share activities and join in the fun together. We will be preparing and sending out huddle packs full of craft materials to help you follow along in our videos! 

Kits can be collected at uHub, Millisle or Ledley Hall (Only for Ledley Hall Members)

There will not be the option to have packs dropped off for the huddle kits.

A new form will have to be filled in per child

Remember to join the huddle up facebook group to get access to the content that goes with the packs!

Click Here to join

Funded by: Lotto Community Fund


Only designated uHub staff will have access to this information. View our privacy policy for more information. 

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Thanks For Signing Up! Make sure to join the facebook page to keep up with our videos.

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