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United Together

Starting Monday 25th January, uHub is offering a free ‘United Together’ programme designed to bring families together. 



Suitable for children and adults, our programme includes one session per week for six weeks. Each session will be done remotely by video call with our therapists.


If you would like to register for you and your family to take part, please fill in the form below. Spaces are limited and will be on a first come, first served basis. 

Session 1: “Getting to Know Each Other” 

This welcoming session is an introduction to the ‘Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing’ and how each week will connect with those ideas in mind. Includes a fun craft activity for parents and child to do together.


Session 2: “Growing Brains” 

This is an adults-only session and focuses on resilience, grounding techniques, coping mechanisms and how a child’s mind works. This session is ran by Caroline from Helping Hands.


Session 3: “Messy Play with Erin”

This session will explore messy play, using most items you will find around your house. It’s a fun way to develop relationships, de-stress and improve brain function.


Session 4: “Yoga with Denis” 

Yoga with Denis is fun for all the family. HI light-hearted, warm style of teaching helps you turn inward, reduce stress, build resilience and find contentment.


Session 5: “Tapping with Nigel & Karen”

An effective stress relief session full of exercises for parents and young people. This will include Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), where you will learn how to quiet worry and anxiety, and use visualisation to create new desired outcomes. Find ways to release fear, anger and self-judgement. 


Session 6: “Looking to the Future”

Creating a vision board as a family with the idea of continuing the take 5 steps to wellbeing. 

Our programme will last for 6 weeks with one session per week, either on Monday or Tuesday. There will be four available time slots each week:


Mondays @ 10am-11.15am or 11.45am-1.00pm 

Tuesdays @ 2.30pm-3.45 or 6.00pm-7.15pm


Monday dates: 25th Jan, 1st Feb, 8th Feb, 15th Feb, 22nd Feb, 1st March 


Tuesday dates: 26th Jan, 2nd Feb, 9th Feb, 16th Feb, 23rd Feb , 2nd March 



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