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Bottoms in Seats Campaign

We are Pamela Kirkpatrick and Cara Swanston and we are founders of uHub. uHub is a social enterprise which we have set up to fill a gap in our community for talking and creative therapies for children and adults. Our uHub will provide a space for talking therapies, life coaching, CBT and also holistic therapies to complement our talking work. We have just secured premises in Main Street in Bangor Co. Down. Very close to bus and rail links and several large schools and colleges.

We ask that you consider sponsoring a seat, for a cost of anywhere between £80 and £200, we will let you decide how much you would like to spend on a seat. We need six seats in total, two per counselling room and it would be epic if you sponsored a seat for uHub.

In return we pledge to find a needful bottom to fill it, and we will provide them with face to face counselling in uHub.

These seats aren’t just regular ‘seats’, these are seats were memories are relived, relationships are built and resilience grows. Real and extraordinary change might just happen when someone puts their bottoms in these seats. Imagine knowing your contribution will be used to do such awesome things for someone in need on your doorstep.

And as a thank you from us, we will provide you with an employee assistance program, delivering counselling if and when needed, to your staff at their time of need, at a 20% discount per session. We will also give you a shout out on our website as a generous sponsor and supporter of uHub.

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